How You Can Make It Safe2Tell

Although we know that it is critical that our young people report safety concerns to a trusted and caring adult, the majority of the time it is not happening. We want to encourage you to come forward when you learn about something that may cause harm to others or yourself.

Here are ways YOU can make it safe to tell:

  1. When you see something, say something.
  2. Tell a trusted adult when you have a safety concern – this means you may need to keep telling someone until action is taken.
  3. Help create a climate where you and your peer’s people feel comfortable sharing sensitive information you may have regarding a potentially threatening situation. This means developing meaningful social and emotional connections and creating an environment of mutual respect.
  4. Develop a climate in your school and community that breaks the code of silence.
  5. Use the Safe2Tell Wyoming Reporting Resources (call 1-844-996-7233, web, or app) to anonymously report safety concerns.
  6. Look out for each other and help those who are hurting or struggling.