What We Do

Safe2Tell Wyoming strives to intervene in the life a young person who is struggling, helping them at the earliest possible point before the situation turns into a tragedy. Safe2Tell Wyoming serves as the statewide bystander reporting tool for concerning behaviors. The Safe2Tell Wyoming solution was developed specifically to encourage those with information about a possible event to report it. Confidentiality has been shown to create effective reporting.

The Safe2Tell Wyoming program is modeled after Safe2Tell Colorado, which has received thousands of reports and aided in preventing hundreds of separate school attacks, helped prevent youth suicides, and intervened in countless threatening and dangerous situations. The numbers alone show the impact the Safe2Tell solution has on breaking down the code of silence. Sheer increases in the number of tips Wyoming has received each year demonstrates the change in culture and attitudes about reporting unsafe behaviors and situations. Safe2Tell Wyoming is one of the most effective ways to gather information from students, parents, teachers, and community members about potential violent incidents. Safe2Tell Wyoming provides the following education and awareness programs across the state:

Safe2Tell Confidential Reporting:

Safe2Tell Wyoming serves as the statewide answering point for school safety concerns. Both state law and procedures for receiving and forwarding tips established by Safe2Tell Wyoming guarantees confidentiality of every reporting party. Submitted by phone, web, or mobile app, each tip is taken seriously by trained personnel who take appropriate action in response to credible information. Tips are answered twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week at the Wyoming Highway Patrol Communication Center. The answering point is live and provides opportunity for two-way dialog with trained experts, who document as much information as possible, and both the reporting party and answering party may add information as necessary. When action is warranted, information is forwarded immediately to local school officials,  and/or law enforcement agencies, as appropriate. Safe2Tell Wyoming takes the extra step to follow-up with the school that received the tip to ensure the tip was investigated and action taken.

Community Outreach and Advocacy: Creating safe schools and communities goes beyond providing a way for people to report threats and possible crimes. Effective school safety programming, providing referrals and resources, and influencing a change in culture extends beyond local community organizations, and reaches the highest levels of state government. The Wyoming State Legislature passed legislation to protect the confidentialtiy of those making reports through Safe2Tell Wyoming.